TGH 2000

Türguard Electronic Locking System is the ideal access control and energy management solution for the hospitality industry.

Türguard adopts the latest Radio Frequency Identification technology with a multiple key card insert system. Based on the requirements of your customers, the high security design makes the Türguard system the perfect option for hotels, multi family, occupation, appartment and condominium housing.

Why Radio Frequency Identification (RFID)?

Using Radio Frequency Identification (RFID), guests and residents can open the relevant door by just placing the card near the sensor zone of the lock. For management, you can set up the authority easily and all data is controlled and save by mainframe. RFID improves the durability of the lock, provides a more secure way to manage the system and a safer environment for users to enjoy.

Ease of Use

Without the need to insert or swipe the key card, guests will find the Türguard lock easy to use. The Türguard lock can sense the key card from any direction, thus avoiding inserting the card the wrong way.

Uninterrupted Power Supply

The Türguard lock uses four standard alkaline batteries. As with all systems, the batteries will eventually run down. If this were to happen, the Türguard lock will activate its backup power and the LED light will be activated. At this point, only the guests’ cards can open the door, ensuring that staff know that they need to change the batteries. Türguard helps you to provide the best service available with all of its features being a real benefit to both staff and guests.

Master Key Structure

Türguard access control system helps a supervisor manage their staff easily, due to its user friendly features but is still very flexible and logical. Management can issue different levels of authority cards, based on shift patterns and business needs. Using the advanced features within the Türguard system, managers just need to enter basic information once. The program will systematically link to the Türguard lock. There is no need to do the same thing again in order to save precious time. The best, intelligent system you can depend on is Türguard!

Auditable Security

As a comprehensive security control system, Türguard can audit every transaction from who the card was issued to the check-in and out time of guests etc. The system can therefore be set up to include non-functioning periods for each card, dramatically improving security.


The TGH 2000 is compatible to a variety of key card systems and is manufcatured according to strict ISO standards.


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